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Donald Lewis

Donald R. Lewis

Professor; Ph.D., Ohio State University (1977)

Department Position: 100% extension

Dr. Lewis is responsible for Iowa's extension urban entomology programs. He provides university outreach education on insect pest management in the areas of home and commercial vegetable and fruit production, landscape plants, turfgrass, greenhouses, and household pests.

Dr. Lewis provides information and training statewide through insect diagnostic service, pest management recommendations and consultation, extension bulletins and manuals, newsletters and news releases, continuing education meetings, courses and conferences, and applied research. He works with students interested in extension entomology and horticultural crops insect pest management. He has been active in applied research on turfgrass insect pests.


Selected publications:

Gleason, M., M.K. Ali, P.A. Domoto, D.R. Lewis & M.D. Duffy. 1994. Comparing IPM and protectant strategies for control of apple scab and codling moth in an Iowa apple orchard. Hort. Technology 4:136-141.

Gleason, M. & D.R. Lewis. 1993. Integrated Pest Management for Iowa Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Growers. 175 pp. ISU Extension, PDO-83.

Gleason, M., G. Nonnecke, D.R. Lewis & S. Parker. 1993. Spray timing to control Botrytis fruit rot, anthracnose and tarnished plant bug on day-neutral strawberries, 1992. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests. 48:74.

Agnew, M. and D.R. Lewis. 1993. NAPIAP Report: Pesticide use on Iowa golf courses, 1990. ISU Extension.

Lewis, D.R. & N.E. Christians. 1992. Insecticide evaluation for control of annual white grubs. In 1993 Iowa turfgrass research report by N.E. Christians and M.L. Agnew.

Hartman, J., R. Bissin, M. Gleason & D.R. Lewis. 1992. Video: IPM for midwest apple growers. ISU Extension.

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