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Kenneth H. Holscher

Ken Holscher Associate Professor; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University (1981)
Department Position: 70% Extension, 30% Teaching

Dr. Holscher has sole leadership and responsibility for the development of extension education programs pertaining to Livestock and Poultry Pest Management, Public Health Pest Management, and Stored Grain Pest Management.  Dr. Holscher also provides major assistance in support of extension education programs related to Urban Pest Management, Youth and 4-H Entomology, the Insect Diagnostic Clinic, Iowa Agricultural Aviation Association Fly-In Clinics, the Certified Crop Advisor Program, and both Commercial and Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training.  Dr. Holscher is also responsible for teaching ENT 211 - Insects and Society; ENT 212 - Livestock Entomology; ENT 283 - Pesticide Applicator Certification; ENT 372 - Livestock Entomology; ENT 493 - Workshop on Insect Management; and ENT 590L - Special Topics (Extension Internship).


Selected publications:

Holscher, K.H.  2001.  Fly management in commercial layer facilities.  pp. 35-42.  In Proceedings of the Iowa Egg Industry Symposium.  November 7, 2001, Ames, IA.

Holscher, K., D. Lewis and M. Shour.  2001.  Iowa Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manual, Public Health Pest Control - Category 8.  CS-23 (Revised).  40 pp.

Holscher, K.H.  2000.  Integrated pest management of stored grain insects:  Current status and future concerns.  pp. 41-47.  In Proceedings of the Integrated Crop Management Conference.  November 29-30, 2000, Ames, IA.

Holscher, K.H.  2000.  Profile of egg production in Iowa.  In United States Department of Agriculture Pesticide Impact Assessement Program Crop Profiles.  25 pp.

Holscher, K. and W. Wintersteen.  1999.  Iowa Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manual, Community Insect Control - Category 7D.  CS-22 (Revised).  20 pp.

Brown, S., J. DeWitt, M. Ferguson, K. Holscher, J. Hornstein, C. Pilcher, R. Pope and B. Pringnitz.  1999.  Iowa Core Manual - A Study Guide for Commercial Pesticide Applicators and Handlers.  IC-445 (Revised).  250 pp.

Holscher, K. and L. Karr.  1998.  Human lice.  Pm-1156 (Revised).  4 pp.

Holscher, K. and W. Wintersteen.  1998.  Iowa Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manual, Animal Pest Control - Category 1E.  CS-13 (Revised).  20 pp.

Holscher, K. and W. Wintersteen.  1998.  Iowa Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manual, Fumigation - Category 7C.  CS-27 (Revised).  54 pp.

Levings, J., B. Cox, K. Holscher, M.L. Berkland, D. Fincham, T. Hiett and L. Nachtigal.  1997.  Bug Watcher:  Iowa Youth and 4-H Entomology.  4-H423A.  34 pp.

Holscher, K.H.  1997.  Biology, prevalence, and economic impact of mange.  pp. 14-16.  In Swine Consultant.

Holscher, K.H.  1997.  Successful insect control procedures in swine units.  pp. 45-53.  In Proceedings of the 5th Annual Swine Disease Conference for Swine Practitioners.  October 30-31, 1997, Ames, IA.


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