Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor
My research interests are in the areas of plant-insect and tritrophic interactions, with s focus on insects that attack corn Zea mays L. General themes include applications of ecological and evolutionary principles to improve integrated pest management and insect resistance management. ... more
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Postdoctoral Scientists and Staff

Research Associate I
I assist graduate students and postdoctoral scientists with various research projects such as bioassays and maintaining western corn rootworm strains.
Postdoctoral Research Associate
My research is focused on  Bt resistance monitoring, molecular and biochemical level characterization of Bt resistance, cross-resistance patterns of Bt toxins, and fitness costs associated with resistance in lepidopteran and coleopteran insect pests. I am conducting research on transgenic... more
Postdoctoral Research Associate
My current research projects are focused on characterization of field-evolved Bt resistance in western corn rootworm (WCR) (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera). I am involved in monitoring and quantifying evolution of Bt-resistance and cross-resistance (for Cry3Bb1, mCry3A, and Cry34/35Ab) in WCR field... more
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Agricultural Specialist III
I conduct field trials testing both commercial and pre-commercial products for management of insect pests of corn.  Much of my work focuses on western and northern corn rootworm, but I also have studied products targeting corn earworm, European corn borer, fall armyworm, seedcorn maggot and... more

Graduate Students

Ph.D. student
I’ve always enjoyed photographing the insects and fungi encountered during strolls through the woods.  It was only fitting to accept a research assistantship at Iowa State University focused on insect-pathogenic fungi and their interactions with cropping practices.  Along the way I helped... more
Ph.D. student
I am interested in pest and resistance management within the realm of arthropods.  What I enjoy most is applied science within the context of solving current pest or pest-resistance problems.  Furthermore, I am also interested in how different management practices can influence the... more
M.S. student
My research interests lie in the examination of plant-insect interactions. My current research focus is examining the resistance of the western corn rootworm (WCR), Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte, to transgenic corn plants producing the Bt toxin Cry3Bb1. I am determining the genetic... more
M.S. student
I am studying fitness costs of Bt resistance and inheritance of resistance traits in western corn rootworm.
M.S. student
I am characterizing the genetics of western corn rootworm strains that have been selected for survival on maize expressing the Cry34/35Ab1 insecticidal proteins.  I also work full time for DuPont-Pioneer.


Robert completed an M.S. in entomology that tested whether soybean varieties with resistance to soybean aphid affected defoliating insect pests.
Dr. Deitloff's postdoctoral research tested how non-Bt refuges affected the evolution of resistance to Bt corn by western corn rootworm.  She also conducted research on the potential for assortative mating among Bt-resistant and Bt-susceptible insects.
Julie completed a Master of Agriculture in professional agriculture while working full time at BASF.  Her research tested novel products for management of twospotted spider mites in greenhouses.
Dr. Hannon conducted postdoctoral research on fitness costs of resistance to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella, and how these fitness costs were affected by entomopathogenic nematodes.
Ryan completed a master's degree studying interactions of western corn rootworm with Bt corn.  He measured that standing level of genetic variation for larval survival on CryBb1 corn and corn that was pyramided to produce both Cry34/35Ab1 and Cry3Bb1.  He also quantified the level of... more
During her time as a postdoctoral scientist at Iowa State University, Dr. Maxwell studied a diversity of topics, including fitness costs of Bt resistance in western corn rootworm and European corn borer, tritrophic interactions among soil-borne entomopathogens, corn and western corn rootworm, and... more
Melissa completed a master's degree in entomology.  She studied tritrophic interactions among western corn rootworm, soil-borne entomopathogens and Bt corn. 
For her master's degree, Amanda tested whether the ecological important variables of host-plant resistance and entomopathogens could affect the magnitude and dominance of fitness costs associated with resistance to Cry3Bb1 in western corn rootworm.