Entomology 590: Special Topics

Spring 2017

590C Ecology and Pest Management. O'Neal. 1 credit, one meeting per week.

Pharmocophagy and Tritrophic interactions: who benefits?

The consumption of plant material that is used for non-nutritional benefits has been referred to as pharmocophagy.   We will explore a component of pharmocophagy and how it affects tritrophic interactions comprised of plants, specialist herbivores that feed on them and sequester anti-herbivory compounds produced by the plant, and subsequent response of natural enemies to these herbivores with the compound.  Students will review published studies to confirm if mortality by natural enemies is affected by this sequestration and estimate the magnitude of this putative protection. In the process of reviewing this literature, students will conduct a meta-analysis of this tritrophic interaction estimating the impact of the sequestered compounds on the predator-prey relationship.

The goals for this course are  1) a review of factors that affect tritrophic interactions and  develop a greater understanding of how meta-analyses are conducted and their value in addressing questions within ecology.

Grading will be on a pass/fail basis. There are no prerequisites for this class.


Previous Semester:

Fall 2016


590B Chemical Ecology and Behavior Jurenka. 1 credit, one meeting per week. The aims of this course are to review contemporary topics and current issues in chemical ecology and/or behavior of insects. The format will include student presentations and discussion of recent journal articles. Grading will be on a pass/fail basis. There are no prerequisites for this class.


Upcoming Schedule:

S17 590C Ecology and Pest Management (O'Neal)

F17 590F Medical and Veterinary Entomology (Smith)

S18 590D Evolution and Systematics (Courtney)

F18 590G Molecular Entomology (Smith)

S19 590I Toxicology and Biochemistry (Coats)

F19 590A Biological Control and Pathology (Gassmann / O'Neal)

S20 590N Population Genetics (Gassmann / Sappington)

F20 590B Chemical Ecology and Behavior (Jurenka)