Faculty Research Team

Twenty-six faculty members participate in CAMTech. This team provides a diverse and talented based for center operations, and is drawn from the Departments of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Agronomy, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology, and Agricultural Biosystems and Engineering. Below is a list of participating faculty along with affiliation, web site, contact information and areas of interest and expertise.

Iowa State University

1. Lyric Bartholomay – Associate Professor, Department of Entomology

lyricb@iastate.edu | 515.294.0594 | Medical and Veterinary Entomology; molecular vector-pathogen interactions; Protection of shrimp from viral disease; RNAi-mediated mosquito control


2. Phil Becraft – Professor, Genetics, Development & Cell Biology

becraft@iastate.edu | 515.294.2903 | Plant molecular genetics and genomics; Regulation of plant growth and development; Biomass yield


3. Carl Bern – Professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

cjbern@iastate.edu | 515.294.1270 | Biorenewable preservation and storage; Storage of corn, edible beans, soybeans, distillers grains, and biorenewables


4. Bryony Bonning – Professor, Department of Entomology and Program in Toxicology

bbonning@iastate.edu | 515.294.1989 | Insect physiology; Insect virology; Small RNAs of insects; Management of insect pests and insect-transmitted viral disease; Transgenic insect resistance


5. Joel Coats – Professor, Department of Entomology and Program in Toxicology

jcoats@iastate.edu | 515.294.4776 | Toxicology; Insecticide toxicology; Environmental toxicology; Mechanisms of toxic action; Potential use of natural products in insect control; Environmental fate


6. Aaron Gassmann – Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology

aaronjg@iastate.edu |  515.294.7623 | Insect resistance management; Plant-insect and tritrophic interactions; Application of ecological and evolutionary principles to IPM; Resistance to Bt transgenic crops


7. Russ Jurenka – Professor, Department of Entomology

rjurenka@iastate.edu | 515.294.1485 | Insect physiology; Pheromone biosynthesis; Chemical ecology; Mode of action of peptide hormones


8. Tom Lubberstedt – Professor, Department of Agronomy

thomasl@iastate.edu | 515.294.5356 | Molecular plant breeding; Application and development of methods provided by genomic analysis to understand composition of complex traits; Bioenergy crops


9. W. Allen Miller – Professor, Departments of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, and Biochemisty, Biophysics & Molecular Biology

wamiller@iastate.edu |  515.294.2436 |  Positive sense RNA viruses of plants and insects; RNA structure and function; Translation mechanisms


10. Matt O’Neal – Associate Professor, Department of Entomology

oneal@iastate.edu | 515.294.8622 | Integrated pest management; Biological control; Ecology; Sustainable pest management


11. Tom Sappington, Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research, USDA, ARS and ISU Department of Entomology

tom.sappington@ars.usda.gov | 515.294.9759 | Insect ecology, dispersal and migration; Insect resistance management


12. Kan Wang – Professor and Director of the ISU Plant Transformation Facility, and Department of Agronomy

kanwang@iastate.edu | 515.294.4429 | Mechanisms by which plants respond to stress; Advanced technology for plant transformation; Stress-tolerant crops


University of Kentucky

1. Grayson C. Brown – Professor, Department of Entomology

gcbrown@ix.netcom.com | 859.257.3125 | Computer simulation of insect populations; Mathematical and theoretical ecology; Systems analysis in IPM; Predator/Prey and Pathogen/Host Systems; Modeling; Natural Control Systems


2. Stephen L. Dobson – Professor, Department of Entomology

sdobson@uky.edu | 859.257.4902 | Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Evolution & Molecular Genetics; Bacterial Symbioses; Potential of symbiotic bacteria as a means to modify natural insect populations; Evolution of Insect/Bacteria Endosymbiosis


3. Charles W. Fox – Professor, Department of Entomology

fox@uky.edu | 859.257.7474 | Evolution ecology; Insect behavior and life histories; Mendelian and Quantitative Genetics; Evolutionary Genetics, Life History Ecology, Insect Behavior


4. James D. Harwood - Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology

james.harwood@uky.edu | 859.257.4264 | Arthropod ecology; Molecular ecology; Biological Control; Food web biology; Food web


5. Kenneth F. Haynes – Professor, Department of Entomology

khaynes@uky.edu | 859.257.1618 | Insect behavior; Chemical ecology; Chemical signals mediating host-finding and mating behavior;  Molecular ecology; Biological control; Pheromones; Applications of semiochemicals


6. Indu B. Maiti, Director, Kentucky Tobacco Research & Development Center

imaiti@uky.edu  | 859.257.3296 | Transgenic plants; Plant promoters; Gene expression


7. John J. Obrycki – Professor and Chair, Department of Entomology

john.obrycki@uky.edu | 859.257.7450 | Biological control; Ecology of insect predators


8. Subba R. Palli - Professor, Department of Entomology

rpalli@uky.edu | 859.257.4962 | Insect physiology, molecular biology, endocrinology and applied biotechnology; Functional genomics, gene expression, hormone receptors; Diapause, overwintering; Evolution of nuclear receptors; RNAi; Insecticide resistance; Target site identification


9. Daniel A. Potter – Professor, Department of Entomology

dapotter@uky.edu | 859.257.7458 | Behavior, ecology and control of arthropods attacking woody plants and turf; Insect-plant interactions; Urban landscape IPM; Diapause, overwintering; Evolution of nuclear receptors


10. Michael F. Potter - Extension Professor, Department of Entomology

mpotter@uky.edu | 859.257.2398 | Pest Management and Extension programs related to urban and industrial pest control; Horticultural and Medical Entomology


11. Michael J. Sharkey – Professor, Department of Entomology

msharkey@uky.edu | 859.257.9364 | Insect systematics; Systematics of parasitic wasps; Systematics, cladistics, and historical ecology; Biodiversity and biological control


12. Bruce A. Webb – Professor, Department of Entomology

bawebb@uky.edu | 859.257.7415 | Molecular virology; Development; Immunology; Genomics; Evolution of virus-host interactions


13. Jennifer White - Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology

jenwhite.uk@gmail.com | 859.257.6693 | Interspecific interactions; Behavioral ecology; Biological control; Endosymbionts


14. Xuguo “Joe” Zhou - Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology

xuguozhou@uky.edu | 859.257.3125 | Insect integrative genomics; RNA interference; termites; microRNA