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Iowa State University Mixer at the 2008 ESA Meeting

Alan Felsot (Washington State University), F. Tom Turpin (Purdue University).

Laura Anne Weiser-Erlandson (SUNY Institute of Technology), Matt O'Neal, Susan Moser (University of Kentucky), Yong-Lak Park (West Virginia University).

Kristopher Giles (Oklahoma State University).

Denny Bruck, (USDA, ARS), Aaron Gassmann, Scott Hutchins (Dow Agrosciences).

Jan and Scott Hutchins (Dow Agrosciences), John Lyell Clarke (Clarke Mosquito Control Chicago).

Kevin Steffey (University of Illinois), Joe Funderburk (University of Florida).

Denny Bruck (USDA-ARS), Mariana Chiozza, Wayne Ohnesorg (University of Nebraska), Mike McCarville, Nick Behrens, Gretchen Paluch.

Colothdian Tate (USDA-APHIS), Russ Jurenka, Tom Baker (Penn State University).

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