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Iowa State University Mixer at the 2007 ESA Meeting

Stephanie Kadlicko, Gretchen Paluch, Kevin Johnson, Rachel Binning, Wayne Ohnesorg, Nina Schmidt, and Nick Schmidt.

Kevin Steffey (University of Illinois), Bill Showers (retired, USDA-ARS), Mike Gray (University of Illinois), and Von Kaster (Syngenta Seeds).

Lyric Bartholomay (Iowa State University), and Wayne Rowley (Iowa State University, retired).

Lyric Bartholomay and Jon Tollefson (Iowa State University), and Gary Hein (University of Nebraska).

Mark Novak and Renjie Hu (California Department of Public Health), Stacy Novak; and Jennifer Remmers (U. S. Navy, Pearl Harbor).

Lois and Larry Pedigo.

Larry and Lois Pedigo, Wayne Ohnesorg and Kevin Johnson (Iowa State University), and David Buntin (University of Georgia).

Gretchen Paluch (Iowa State University), Nasser Assaf (Valent BioScience), Stephanie Kadlicko (Iowa State University), Wayne Rowley (Iowa State University, retired), and Carla Tollefson.

Sharron Quisenberry (Virginia Tech University), and Marlin Rice (Iowa State University).

Lamar Buckelew (Bayer Corporation) with Charles.

Rick Hellmich (USDA-ARS Ames), Robyn Rose (EPA Washington, D.C.), Rachel Binning (Pioneer Hi-Bred International), Frankie Lam (University of California-Davis), and Joel Coats (Iowa State University).

Steve Lefko (Pioneer Hi-Bred International), Wendy Wintersteen (Iowa State University), Paula Davis and Laura Higgins (Pioneer Hi-Bred International).

Patti Prasifka (Iowa State University), Bob Peterson (Montana State University), and Rayda Krell (Hartsdale, NY). These three Iowa State graduates served as the Annual Meeting Program Chair (Bob) and Local Arrangement Co-Chairs (Patti and Rayda).

Phyllis and Leon Higley (University of Nebraska).

Von Kaster (Syngenta Seeds), and Bill Showers (USDA-ARS Ames, retired).

Denny Bruck (USDA-ARS Corvallis), Rachel Binning (Pioneer Hi-Bred International), Carlos Bogran (Texas A&M University), Laura Jesse (Iowa State University), Steve Lefko (Pioneer Hi-Bred International), and Wilmar Morjan (Monsanto Company).

Jeff Bradshaw (Iowa State University), and Tom Baker (Penn State University).

Matt O'Neal and Marlin Rice (Iowa State University).

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