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Photos from the Iowa State University Entomology Mixer at the Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, December 2000

Photos by Marlin E. Rice.

Above: Cloti Tate and Von Kaster.
Below: Chris Peterson.

Above: David Buntin and Von Kaster.
Below: Dave Coyle.

Above: Lamar Buckelew, Rayda Krell, Laura Weiser, Clint Pilcher, Carol Pilcher.
Below, clockwise from lower left: Clint Pilcher, Carol Pilcher, Lamar Buckelew, Juliana Buckelew.

Gary Hein and Scott Hutchins.

Above: Joel Coats and David Buntin.
Below: Jon and Carla Tollefson.

Above: Kris Giles and Steve Lefko.
Below: Lamar Buckelew and Carol Pilcher.

Above: Marlin Rice and Rayda Krell.
Below: Phil Mulder.

Above: Robyn Rose and Joel Coats.
Below: Sam Ochieng.

Above: Sam Ochieng, Kye Chung Park and Gary Lentz.
Below: Todd DeGooyer and Robyn Rose.

Above: Todd DeGooyer, Gary Lentz and Wilmar Morjan.
Below: Wayne Rowley.

Wilmar Morjan and Paula Davis.

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